Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIPW: Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Oh look! Shocker! More knit stockings!

All I have left on the "Mommy" stocking is the weaving and decorations. I'm going to knit the "Daddy" one up to the same point, and do the weaving and decorations on both at the same time.

I'm thinking about selling these on Etsy. I already have a few orders here at home.. so i've been thinking about making a new design to sell. I'm not sure yet.

I am still reading Popped by Carol Higgins Clark. I just haven't picked up my book in quite awhile. I've been hooked on some silly sitcoms from Netflix and I've been watching those while I've been knitting and crocheting.

What are you working on this week? You can always link up with me!!
I am linking up with Tami's WIP, Ambassador Crochet, Yarn Along, Hooking on Hump Day and SusanD's.

Now it's your turn to link up with me!


  1. Thanks for hosting WIP this week! As you can see, I am a big fun of WIP. It encourages me to keep crocheting and writting blogs. Which also helps me knowing more great ladies who are enjoying the same thing! I worked on something for X'Mas last week, too.:) I was inspired by your blog!

  2. The stockings look so nice Stephanie - you're doing a great job. :)

  3. These are looking good. You do really well with your knitting.

  4. Lovely stockings, they'll look great hung up at Christmas

  5. Cute stockings! Don't know how you can be so organized and motivated for Christmas while it's still summer ?!?!

  6. Wow you're doing a fantastic job with your knitting. It makes me think I should go ahead and give it a try one of these days!

  7. I'm so admiring all your Christmas stockings. You were blessed to learn how to do those.


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