Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Design Help

I need design help!! I'm trying to plan out my Quilted Crochet Afghan with my daughters clothes. I wish all of the pieces of fabric were the same size, but they're not.

I have 10 - 5"x5" square pieces of fabric, and one 7"x9" piece. So, of course my main issue is placing that 7"x9" piece.

At first my main idea was just to stagger the fabric, and just have the bigger piece have less yarn around.

I even started making 10" squares to fill in the remainder.

However, I learned that my husband doesn't like the checkerboard look. So, I started thinking of a couple other designs... and nothing has stood out.

I drew up the one I like the best, but I still don't know if I love it. What do you think? Can you think of any other ways to design the fabric pieces? The 10" squares do not need to be used! I can easily make them into a smaller baby blanket with a fleece backing {which i've been wanting to try for awhile now!}.

The blank 8" squares are regular crochet squares, i'm not sure on the design yet. The other 8" ones, are the ones with the 5x5 fabric. Then the star squares are the 10" squares... with the 7x9 Aurora Fabric in the middle.

I possibly will even cut out the regular 8" squares at the end, making it 56" long... just a little lapghan.

I was just hoping a design would jump out at me! So far, it hasn't. Maybe with your help, something will jump!

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