Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIPW: Work-In-Progress Wednesday

We're having a stay-cation this week, so for some reason I thought yesterday was Sunday! I almost forgot it was Wednesday!

I finished my quick, 5 and a half hour throw afghan. I just need to take pictures of it and post it. Maybe later today.

So for right now, i'm just working on a market bag.

I love the box pattern, but I don't like how I made the bottom. Maybe i'll try something different next time.

I am currently reading The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, it's part of a series and I was able to get this first one free from my library. I love how libraries have e-books! Anyways, i'm not even through the first chapter yet as I just started it today. We'll see if this is any good!

I am linking up with Tami's WIP, Ambassador Crochet, Yarn Along, Hooking on Hump Day and SusanD's.


  1. Market bags are great! What sort of yarn are you using?

  2. I read one of those books and it was a nice, light read. Very soothing after my usual heavier books, eg. The Lincoln Lawyer that I just finished.

  3. Your bag looks wonderful in that yarn and your lovely stitching. I've read Joanna Fluke's books for something sweet, simple, and relaxing.


  4. I love whipping up those bags...great for produce..I think I have all flukes e books..geez, I have to look..I enjoy them for a light, funny quick read..I love e libraries!

  5. Last bag I made I did a double bottom and put a plastic disk between the two layers to stiffen it. I like my bags to stand up!

    Our library has e-Books but the wait list for most popular titles is months and months :(

  6. I like the plastic disc idea! Plus it feels so good to bring my own bags shopping - no matter what they look like!
    I've listened to lots of Joanna Fluke's books (in the kitchen of course!) Lite and fluffy - like butter and sugar creamed together!

  7. Very nice! Can't wait to see the finished product. It'll almost be too pretty to use! Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!


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