Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIPW: Work-In-Progress Wednesday

I did not get a lot of crocheting done this week. I was busy helping a friend plan a 30th birthday party for her boyfriend, Fathers Day we spent the whole day out, then on Monday I spent most of my time finishing up 50 Shades Freed.

However, I did get a few rows on my afghan completed!

I also finished sewing on the rest of the granny squares I have from friends and family members. This is all I have right now, and I hope some family members can give me a square or two soon.

And here is my Year Of Scraps project for June {Month #2}! My yarn weighs .50 oz!

Boy, you can't tell what i've mainly been working on, can you?? ;)

I am linking this bad boy up over at Tami's WIP, Ambassador Crochet, Yarn Along, and SusanD's.

You can link up with me if you want!


  1. This is a unique pattern. Did you make it up or is it already published?

  2. Both blankets look great! I love granny ripples. The year of scraps idea is a cool one - what are your plans for the scraps?

  3. I love the granny ripple blanket :) you have used lovely colours in it as well!!

  4. Both are looking great! What are you going to do with your scraps? I've only been saving mine for a week so I don't have very many. And I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them a year from now.


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