Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Year Of Scraps!

I have seen this done in a few places recently, and decided i'd give it a try! What will a year of yarn scraps look like, and how much will it weigh?

We start with an empty jar. It actually wasn't that empty when I went to grab it. My dear husband decided it would be funny to drink his water out of it last night for dinner. Silly man. I have foiled your plan and have a new use for this mason jar! It weighs 15.8 ounces. This will come in handy when I weigh it in the future.

I decided to grab the project I am currently working on, and I finally sewed in all of the edges and cut the scraps! Now, my jar looks like this:

With .15 oz of yarn in it! I think this will be a fun little experiment.


  1. I did that last year. I ended up with a gift bag full of scraps. Every now and then I take a few outside and put on tree branches for the birds to use in nests.

    1. What a cute idea! I was going to tie them all together eventually and make something out of it... but that would be a lot of tying!

  2. how interesting.....imagine how full my jar would be right now just from the granny a day challenge....let alone any other crocheting I am doing!


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