Saturday, March 3, 2012

Towel Holder

I made a very simple change to the Towel Holder pattern. One that I am so happy about because it makes the piece look a lot cleaner.

A sc border.

So stinking simple. But doesn't it look ten times better?? I think so!

I also used a bigger hair tie as well as 3 strands of the size 10 cotton yarn. The red/pink one that I posted before was made with a smaller hair tie and only the 2 strands of the yarn. The blue/green/beige one pictured here is so clean and sharp! I'm very happy with how it came out.

Click here to view the pattern for the towel holder.

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  1. No way! I tried your crochet pattern this weekend and added a sc border to mine! :) (I did sl stitches around the ring.) Here's my blogged bit about it:

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  3. Love this tired of picking up towels that have fallen on the floor�� This pattern solves that problem and is simple and quick to make�� I went a step further and added a sc backstitch around the top and left the circle with the original sc trim...was pleased with the result.


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