Friday, March 9, 2012

FOF: Finished Object Friday - Coffee Sleeve and Towel Holder

I know I had said that I was going to buckle down on my grannies and ripples afghan this week, but when my mother called and said she had a co-worker with a birthday and she wanted me to make them something... I jumped to the cause! I went to my parents house for dinner last night, and finished up the two projects while I was there. I snapped the pictures on their table.

My mothers co-worker gets an iced coffee every day! However, my mother couldn't remember if she got a large or a medium. So I used a large iced coffee cup as my example, and set buttons in more for what I figured a medium would be at. I used Sugar and Cream Cotton yarn... and let me tell you, it soaked up the condensation perfectly!

I hope her co-worker likes it!

So with the coffee sleeve and a towel holder (because the towel holder is so stinking quick to make!) It's a good gift! She also added in a few lottery tickets and a Glade air freshener too. I wouldn't mind getting a gift like that!


  1. I love the coffee sleeve! I've been inspired by your colorful buttons to be more bold with mine :) I also think that even if the large size is right, the extra buttons make an adorable extra decoration! good work!

    1. I picked up a multi-colored package of buttons! Most of them are so stinking tiny it isn't funny... but it did have some nice bigger bolder colors. I do have to find some muted colors for other projects that are not so colorful.

  2. This is even smarter than a hot coffee sleeve. Iced coffees always get slippery condensation on the outside....and sometimes they're just too cold to hold. :)

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