Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yarn Bowl

I've been wanting a yarn bowl for awhile now, but never found one that I liked. Or I always thought they were TOO expensive.

However, today at a craft fair, I found one that I love!! I love dragonflies, and was so happy when I found this I may or may not have screamed out loud.


  1. I've been wanting a yarn bowl as well. And yes, I find most are a bit pricey. I am just waiting for the right craft fair with the right price. Good find!

    1. My husband thought i was very strange when I screamed about the bowl. I don't think he understands how well this little thing works!

  2. I have never seen them before but i do believe it will go on my wish list...
    very pretty

  3. Do u have a card from the vendor u purchased this from? I'm wondering if u would share the info?


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