Friday, February 17, 2012

FOF: Finished Object Friday - Hot Pad/Pot Holder

So along with WIPW, to help keep me blogging a little more on my projects, I decided to start up a Finished Object Friday. For the weeks that I actually finish something, i'll post it on FOF. :)

This project I actually just finished today. It is a pot holder or hot pad, depending on what you call it. It's made from a simple, plain colored, cotton thread. My grandmother actually gave me a ball of this thread that she got at a dollar store, 2 for $1.

I am getting a head start on these to give away as gifts next holiday season. So far with this set, I have also knitted the dish cloth. I plan on making one more thing out of this purple yarn!

Did you finish something this week? It doesn't need to be a FOF... but as long as you blogged about it, link up with me here! For name, put the name of your project! I'm linked up over at Tamis.

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