Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIPW: Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Besides my crochet along items, i've been working on the circular ripple blanket for my friends baby shower. It's in less than 20 days, and i've been majorly slacking in the crocheting department! I need to get a move on!

I'm only about half way done, and the bigger it gets, the longer each round will take. I need to get myself a new audio book to listen to while i'm crocheting!

I am linking up with Tami's WIP, Ambassador Crochet, Yarn Along and SusanD's.


  1. Oh I love this and the colours are amazingly beautiful! I always go so well at the start of a project and then really slow down, Nothing like a deadline to move you along :)

  2. love your blanket! beautiful colors!!

  3. Great colors! Keep crocheting, you'll make it!

  4. Love those colors and your crochet is amazing!

    Please visit my blog, I am hosting a very nice handmade crochet giveaway to celebrate I Love Yarn Day 2012.

  5. Those are gorgeous colours in your blanket.
    Good luck progressing as the rows seem never-ending.

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