Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIPW: Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Has it really been just about a month since my last WIPW?? Well, I guess it's because I really haven't been working on much at all. Besides my crochet along items!

I did start a round ripple blanket, it's for a friend's baby shower coming up at the end of October, so I better get working on it more! Luckily i'm ahead of the game for my CAL, that it's not going to hurt to take a mini break from that.

It's just the beginning, but it's coming along. Hopefully once I start adding the colors it'll look better. Which, I used the random stripe generator to figure out what colors and how thick my stripes will be. I think it's going to look very nice!

I am linking up with Tami's WIP, Ambassador Crochet, Yarn Along and SusanD's.


  1. Ive never seen a round ripple, sounds lovely :-)

  2. A round ripple blanket, that must be lovely. On the photo I can see your work looks promising!:)

  3. Round and round she goes, where she stops no body knows, lol. Good luck getting your pretty blanket done in time.

  4. What a pretty lacy round ripple! I'm curious to see the stripes because I'm just loving it in plain neutral.

  5. I've seen a few round ripples on blogs but I haven't tried making one myself. What is this "random stripe generator" of which you speak?


      I love it!!

  6. Round ripples seems like a lovely idea to me. :-)

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