Thursday, July 5, 2012

Covered Untangled Cozy Earbuds

I finished the covered cozy earbuds today! Not too bad for starting it 24 hours before finishing it.... and I know if sleeping and doing some errands didn't get in the way it would have been completed a lot sooner!

I love it so much!! I really want to make more and whip out a ton, not really sure for what.... maybe Christmas gifts for the niece and nephews. While I used worsted weight yarn and size 5 double pointed knitting needles, I think I might try one in a fingering yarn and smaller needles. So it's not as bulky. I'll have to see what it looks like, even though I really enjoy the ones I just finished. I also think a less uniformed variegated yarn would make it look classy.

While the original pattern that I found came from Ravelry. It's a pattern called Untangled. I ended up looking at the design and wanted something a little different.

In her pattern she started at one of the earbuds, and worked her way down, stopping at the V. She binded off at the V, and started new all of the way down. While I do like the style, I wanted to cover up the whole area! I also didn't want to keep starting and stopping. So for my pattern, it's a little different.

Please keep in mind, I am still a beginner knitter! I still have a hard time with reading patterns, let alone writing them. So my pattern may be a little "different" than others! Please read the whole thing before starting.

I used worsted weight yarn and size 5 double pointed knitting needles.

You start by casting on 3.
You then slide your work to the right end of the needle, place the wire to the earbuds behind your work and knit 3.
Slide your work to the right, and knit 3 again.

What you are making is an i-cord, and here is the video that helped me out a lot!

The trick... however... to wrapping it around your earbuds is very simple!! You need to make sure that your yarn from the left, before you knit your first stitch every row, is behind the wire to your earbuds. What I did was wrap up the cord with a rubber band so I could easily flip it over the yarn. You will have to do that every time you slide your work to the right. It might seem a little tedious, but it is so worth it!

I started from the bottom plug part of the cord and worked my way up to the V. When I reached the V, I increased one stitch for the next 3 rounds. I used the video tutorial here by Making 1 {M1}.

So now you will have a total of 6 stitches on your needle. Keep knitting those in the same i-cord pattern until you have reached the top of your V.

I used a saftey pin to hold three of the stitches and I slipped them off my needle. You can see the saftey pin in the picture above, holding the three stitches for the other earbud. When you have only 3 stitches back on your needle, you may start working the i-cord up one side of the earbud. Work all the way up to the ear piece and bind off.

When it comes time to work on the other side, join in your yarn (I liked this tutorial where they changed colors... it's essentially the same thing). Then start working your way up again!

If you have one like mine, that has the microphone. I binded off just below the microphone and started brand new just above. Bind off when you're all finished, and then tuck in your leftovers!

Remember, please keep in mind that I am not a well pattern writer for knitting. I'm just describing to you what I did, so if there's any way I can try to make it easier, please let me know!

I really want to make a step by step picture tutorial for this.... someday! I think it might be a little easier to follow that way.

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