Thursday, August 27, 2015

Influenster: Unboxing Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs® VoxBox

I received a complimentary package from Influenster to test this new product by Sally Hansen!

Airbrush legs is a tanning product, but it doesn't act like a tanning lotion. It's a make up! It's more like a foundation for your legs.

This product is amazing. You just apply it like a lotion to your legs, being careful around your knees, ankles and anywhere there's extremely dry skin. It's amazing! The results are fantastic. I don't know about you, but my legs never tan. No matter how long i'm out in the sun, they just don't tan. So those occasions when I want to look great, I can just apply the airbrush legs and be on my way. It's quick and easy and looks great.

You may ask, why not just use a tanning lotion that will gradually give you a tan over time. Well, those don't work with me for one simple reason. I never apply it as much as I should! I forget often, and if you stop applying it, it will lose the color that you worked so hard on. With the airbrush legs, I can use it when I want it and the look is always fabulous!

Thank you Influenster and Sally Hansen for letting me try out your product!
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