Thursday, July 19, 2012

Covered Cozy Untangled Earphones pt. 2

I showed you before how I made Covered Untangled Cozy Earbuds with worsted weight yarn. I love my new earbuds! I never have to worry about them being untangled, even when I just throw them in my purse. It's lovely.

My husband wanted me to make him a pair, but he didn't want it as bulky as mine. So I decided to try a fingering sock yarn. Truthfully, after I made his, I wasn't happy with it. I made another one for my nephew, and again, I didn't like it.

So I played around with a new fingering sock yarn, and played around with needle size as well as number of stitches on the needle. And, I finally came up with this one, which I absolutely love!

With the worsted weight yarn, I casted on 3 and worked the i-cord up. When I hit the "V", I increased to 6 and worked 3 stitches up both sides. {I explained it better in my post. At least I think I explained it better.}

For the fingering weight / sock yarn, I casted on 5, and worked the i-cord up. At the "V" I only increased once. Each ear going up I only worked 3 stitches, instead of the 5. I probably would have been fine increasing 3, and working 4 stitches up each ear wire.

If you read my other post, you'll probably get a better idea on how this works. You can also youtube iPhone i-cord and there's a ton of videos!!

Check out the difference between the fingering yarn and the worsted weight.

HUGE difference!!! Although I do love them both, I guess it just depends on which one I grab for the day.

I love my covered cozy untangled earphones!!

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