Sunday, December 18, 2011

Granny Squares

When my grandmother passed away in July of this year, I inherited all of her yarn. I knew then, to use up some of her odd sized balls and skeins, that I was going to make granny square afghans for my aunt, my uncle, and my mother.

Today. I finished the last afghan!!!! Part of me never wants to make another granny square again! LOL

They're very simple! I didn't want to go too overboard with designs and such... especially since I was making 3 of them by Christmas.

I never wanted to make granny square afghans in the past, because I didn't like the idea of sewing them together. I was always afraid I was going to mess them up somehow. That was, until I found a tutorial on how to crochet them together. I will never make a granny square a different way! Let me show you.

We're going to attach this granny square to our blanket.

Start off by attaching your color to the corner of the square. Working just like you would be if adding a new color to your square.

Finish up the first side. When you get to the corner, only work in one set of 3dc. Do NOT ch 1 yet.

The ch 1 will be joined in through the corner of the other square that you want to join it to.

Then make 3 dc into the square that you are joining.

It should look like this. :)

Now, ch 1 through the ch 1 space on the square you are joining into.

Then work 3 dc into ch 1 space of the square you are joining.

Like before, ch 1 into the ch 1 space on the opposite square.

And again, like before, 3 dc into the ch 1 space on your original square.

Ch 1 through the opposite square.

Then ch 3 into your corner.

When you get to the corner. You want to join with your ch 1 in the square that is kitty corner from your square that you are joining. If this is your first row, join with the corner of the square that you have been joining into.

Now make 3 dc into the corner space to make your turn.

Finish off this side, just as you had done before. Leaving 3 dc in the corner, remember to not ch 1 yet.

Ch 1 through the corner of the square right next door.

Make your 3 dc in the corner again to make your turn.

And finish off the side normally! Cut your yarn and tuck in the ends. Then you can begin on joining the next square to your afghan!

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